Paul mccartney’s sosososososososososososososososoosososososoososososososoososowo goddamn cute


if someone hacked my laptop and saw a folder on a prime minister theyd probably think itd be full of intelligent stuff but nah

"I have this ridiculous fantasy that I’m still in my late twenties."
- Michael Palin (via sannao75)

'When it comes to talking about myself, I find I’m quite dull,’ he says. I protest, but he persists: ‘Oh I am, I think I am’. He pauses. ‘My work is interesting, what I am is not, really.

‘What I am is somebody who’s been married a long time with a broad range of tastes, reasonably healthy.’

For heaven’s sake! He doesn’t understand, either, that one of the facts which makes people, women, like him even more is that he and his wife Helen, whom he met when he was 15, have been married for such a long time (50 years come 2016). This particularly when of all the Pythons he was the most attractive, the Secret Fancy of women the world over. He won’t have it.

‘You must have had women throwing themselves at you all the time,’ I say. ‘They all missed!’ he shoots back, and laughs.

I mention the Secret Fancy thing, and he grins and looks a bit shuffly and says, ‘The thing is, I’ve still not got over that slight feeling I had as a teenager, that, ‘How on earth do you talk to women? Why is my hair so strange? I’m wearing the wrong clothes.’

- (via sannao75)



I find it hilarious that michael palin said yes to a python reunion ages ago just to be nice and avoid a confrontation and then eric idle was getting everything ready for it and michael was just like…………………. wait no