"It’s quite a shock to see someone below the age of 50 come up to the book-signing desk, and especially schoolgirls - three of whom bring up the rear with much blushing and shifting from foot to foot. ‘You’re a sex symbol at our school,’ says one. She is referring to St. Felix, the expensive private school where my Aunt Katherine was educated. ‘Oh, yes… the bit where you enter the hot baths in the Rockies, we okay that bit and stop the tape, just as you’re entering the water.’"
- Michael Palin, 1989. (via clementattlee)
"We’re fetched to meet the Queen, who is showing admirable stamina. Her Majesty is turned in my direction and somewhat to my disappointment her face registers a blank. Eddie Mirzoeff prompts her about my recent travels. I’m determined to get some reaction from her, and when I say that we were allowed home from filming for brief periods - ‘to save our marriages and get our washing done’ - her well-dusted face breaks into genuine jolly laughter."
- Michael Palin, 1996. (via clementattlee)
"Shoulder pain wakens me again, in the night. Hunted feel - the end of a month looms - the Full Circle book is well behind targets.
Run, with difficulty. After the schoolboys shouting ‘Knees up, Grandad’ last week, I have an elderly passing stranger remarking ‘Old feet getting flatter aren’t they?’
Want to kill him, but can’t stop."
- Michael Palin, 1996. (via clementattlee)


Back in May 2000, the digital channel UK Play held a League Of Gentlemen Weekend. Series One was shown on Saturday 27th May and Series Two aired on Sunday 28th May. Specially recorded shorts by Jeremy, Mark, Reece and Steve were shown between each episode, which served to link them. 

Although you can no longer see the clips, transcriptions of the links can be seen here and here


First things first, I really hate to be the person who posts art without the artist consent, but angsty-crumpet-pete is super talented and really needed an art appreciation post. If he does not like this post and wants me to delete this, I will respect his request and will do so. 

Ok, got that out of the way…

Have you seen angsty-crumpet-pete art!?!  It’s so amazing!!!! And his art style! Gah! Love it! Even I when I combine some of his art pieces together, I still wasn’t able to show you all of my favorite artworks.

I’m a fan of the Beatles, so of course I’m going to be bias towards them and show you mostly Beatles illustrations and sketches.

So, you should definitely check out his gallery: XXX 

He draws classic rock,animals, original characters, ect. in different mediums from acrylics to pencil. So go check it out! 

Edit: If you are going to delete this comment, please keep the link to the original artist. Thank you.